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Cruise in Dahabeya Cairo and
the Oases of the Western Desert
15 days / 14 nights

Voyage en famille ou en groupe     Incontournables

Un voyage en famille en Égypte vous permet de visiter les sites les plus célèbres et les plus importants du pays avec votre famille ou vos amis. Lors de ce voyage, explorez les superbes déserts de Kharga et Dakhla, et profitez de voir certains des paysages incroyables et de faire l'expérience de la véritable nature sauvage du désert. C'est une occasion de s'immerger dans une autre culture et de découvrir le mode de vie des Bédouins et d'en apprendre sur leur culture et leur mode de vie. 

Puis embarquez à bord d'un dahabieh, bateau traditionnel. Vos journées seront rythmées entre navigation à la voile sur le Nil, découverte de sites antiques et balades au travers de palmeraies, jardins et villages. Un voyage qui vous invite à prendre le temps.

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo
le Nil au Caire voyage egypte -

Welcome by our representative at Cairo airport.
Transfer and installation at the hotel.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: The pyramids - Saqqarah - Dahshur
La pyramide du roi Kheops

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure by private air-conditioned car to visit:

The Giza plateau which contains the pyramids of
Cheops, Khephren and Menkaure, as well as the Sphinx, witnesses of ancient Egyptian civilization.
The visit inside the pyramids and the museum that houses the solar boat are left to your initiative, so they are not included in the package.
Saqqara: The largest necropolis in ancient Egypt.
Famous for the Step Pyramid of King Djeser. Built by Imhotep.
Saqqarah owes its fame to the tombs of the nobles or mastabas.
Scenes representing daily life at that time are engraved on the walls of these tombs.

Dahshur: Two pyramids were built by King Snefrou, founder of the Fourth Dynasty and father of Cheops.
The rhomboidal pyramid and the red pyramid.
Night at the hotel

Day 3: The Cairo Museum, the Citadel and the Souk
le musee du Caire voyage egypte -

Breakfast at the hotel. Departure by private air-conditioned car to visit:
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo: Two floors, a hundred rooms, 160,000 objects on display. One of the main rooms is the one dedicated to Tutankhamun's treasure, his tomb discovered in 1922 by the English archaeologist Howard Carter. The mummies room is not included in the package.
Saladin Citadel: It was built in the 12th century to protect itself from Crusader attacks and served as a royal residence for Egyptian rulers for more than 700 years.
The alabaster mosque of Mohamed Ali: The most remarkable building, a masterpiece of 19th century architecture. Located at the top of a limestone hill overlooking Cairo. During your visit to the Citadel you will learn more about its mosques, palaces and museums, while enjoying the superb breathtaking view of the city of Cairo, the city of the dead and the mosque of Sultan Hassan.
You will not be able to leave Cairo without going for a walk in one of the most famous souks of Le Khân al-Khalili . You can shop there, clothes, spices and souvenirs.
Rest in one of the many cafes, the most famous of which is Cafe el-Fishawi or Cafe des Miroirs.
Night at the hotel.

Day 4: Luxor
Karnak magic egypte

Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport, flight to Luxor.
Arrival in Luxor. Visit of the imposing Temple of Karnak , renowned for the immensity of its hypostyle hall (134 columns aligned in 16 rows).
Karnak is arguably the most grandiose site in all of Pharaonic Egypt.
Transfer and installation at the hotel.
With the sunset, visit the Temple of Luxor on the edge of the Nile corniche; erected by the prestigious kings of the New Empire.
You admire the obelisk of Ramsess II, his twin sister is at the Place de la Concorde in Paris ...!
Option: Sound and Light Show in Karnak.
Night at the hotel.

Day 5: Luxor - oasis of el kharga
temple de qasr el ghueita voyage egypte -

After breakfast, departure towards the oasis of Kharga .
After about 250 km arrived in Baris , lunch in a local restaurant.
Visit of Hassan Fathy village.
23 km from Baris visit the temple of Doush ; built in Roman times.
It was transformed into a fortress in the 4th century.
18 km from Kharga visit of Qasr El-Ghueita , a temple of the 26th dynasty dedicated to the Theban triad.
Installation at the hotel.
Dinner next to a hot spring, possibility of swimming.

Day 6: oasis of el kharga - oasis of el dakhla
Temple d'Hibis Kharga

After breakfast, visit of the Temple of Hibis, architectural testimony of the Persian occupation in Egypt, the best preserved of the monuments of the oases. Quadrangular in shape, it is characterized by its size and harmonious proportions.
Then visit the Christian necropolis of El-Bagawat , 263 chapels with mud brick domes. They were erected from the 4th century until the end of the 7th century.
Lunch in a local restaurant, then take the road to the Oasis of Dakhla. Installation at the hotel.
Departure in 4 * 4 in the desert for the sunset.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 7: oasis of el dakhla
mosquee du village el kasr kharga voyage egypte -

After breakfast, departure to visit the Temple of Deir El-Hagar built in the 1st century by the Romans.
The temple was occupied in the 5th century by Christian monks and used as a monastery.
Visit of the necropolis of Mezawaka; Roman tombs dating from the 2nd century.
Visit of the village of El Qasr , it is a medieval city built on a small hill in the eleventh century. It is the example of the Islamic city dominated by a mosque with an Ayyubid minaret. Covered alleys shelter old houses with wooden doors, we visit an oil press and a school.
Lunch next to a hot spring and swimming .
Sunset on Lake Qalamoun , exceptional landscape.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: oasis of el dakhla
Village Ganah Kharga Fatma

After breakfast, departure to visit:
Qalamoun village , an ancient town built on top of a hill.
Vieux Mout , a medieval town. Mut is the capital of the oasis.
Balat , former capital of the governors of the oasis region.
It was a walled city with administrative and residential quarters as well as temples and funeral chapels.
Stop to see prehistoric graffiti .
Sunset on a sand dune in the village of Ganah .
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 9: return to luxor

After breakfast, departure to visit:
A government craft center , typical rugs and kelims as well as pottery.
Stop to buy dates.
Take the road towards Luxor.
installation at the hotel.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 10: Luxor - Esna
La vallee des rois Louxor

After breakfast, visit of The Theban Necropolis including:
the Valley of the Kings, Deir El Bahari (Hatshepsut) and the Colossi of Memnon.
Option: A hot air balloon flight.
Then transfer for an hour's drive to Esna, the home port of Dahabeya. Installation on board the boat. (Full board)
Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.

Day 11: El Kab - Edfu
temple d'Edfou voyage egypte -

Breakfast during navigation.
Then visit on foot the tombs of the governors of Nekheb overlooking the ancient city of El Kab , 5000 years old.
Lunch on board while sailing to Edfu.
Visit by carriage of the Temple of Edfu dedicated to the falcon god Horus, one of the best preserved in Egypt.
Return by carriage to the boat, and resumption of navigation to the island of Fawza.
Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 12: Ramadi - Djebel Silsileh
djebel el selsela voyage egypte -

Breakfast during navigation.
Stopover in the small village of Ramadi surrounded by plantations of bananas, sugar canes and hibiscus.
Before leaving the village, the crew gets their supplies of fish or meat.
Lunch on board during navigation.
At the end of the afternoon, visit the sandstone quarries of Jebel Silsileh, several small dug chapels and the sanctuary of Horemheb.
Navigation to Maniha Island.
Dinner on board.

Day 13: Ras-ras / kom-ombo
Temple de Kom ombo

You will rest on board, while the dahabeya will sail smoothly to Fares where you will disembark for a nice walk towards the new lands cultivated in the desert (mango, banana, lemon trees etc ...) and towards the remains of the Ptolemaic Temple of Ras-Ras: little known site.
Back on board. Short navigation to Herbiab, a beautiful beach. Possibility of swimming in the Nile.
Then visit the double temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon god Haroeris.

Sail to Maniha, your evening stopover.
Dinner on board.

Day 14: Daraw - Aswan
le marche des dromadaires a Darraw voyage egypte -

In the morning, visit the Daraw market . It is the largest animal market in all of Egypt. Saturday-Sunday, camel market and Tuesday, animal market.
Return on board for lunch and cruise along the Nubian shores.
At the beginning of the afternoon transfer by car and motor boat to visit the Temple of Philae : dedicated to Isis, located on the majestic island of Agilika.
Return on board for a farewell dinner and a final evening with your crew.
Option: visit of the high dam or the unfinished obelisk.

Day 15: end of the cruise
temple de nefertari Abou Simbel voyage egypte -

Breakfast on board and disembarkation.
Free morning, here are some suggestions for visits to do:
* Abu Simbel: by private vehicle and convoy, departure early to take the road to Abu Simbel. The trip lasts about 3 hours.
Two temples carved into the rock, the large temple in honor of Ramses II and the small temple in honor of Queen Nefertari, his favorite wife. A visit that can only move you by the imposing stature of this building and the beauty of the sculptures.
* Felouke ride to visit nature reserves, botanical garden, elephantine and a Nubian house.
Late afternoon transfer to Aswan airport, flight to Cairo.


Based on 2 people: 2870 dollars per person.

The price includes:

All greetings by our representatives and transfers by private vehicles

The English speaking guide Individual Egyptologist.
The visits mentioned in the program.
3 night in a 4 * hotel in Cairo.
2 nights in a 4 * hotel in Luxor.

One night in a 4 * hotel in the oasis of Kharga.

3 nights in a 4 * hotel in the oasis of Dakhla.
5 nights on a 5 * Dahabeya cruise (full board).

The price does not include:

Obtaining visas at the airport, around 25 dollars / person.
Drinks during meals.
Personal expenses.
Air tickets Cairo / Luxor and Aswan / Cairo.
Visits and meals not mentioned in the program.
Insurance optional.
Tips for guides, drivers and boat crew.

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