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Les pyramides de Guizeh
La corniche d'Alexandrie

Founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, after whom it takes its name, Alexandria was created on the site of a small fishing village called Rakotis.

Alexander the Great made it the capital of the Greco-Egyptian Empire. Ideally located west of the Nile Delta, between Lake Mareotis and the island of Pharos, its port allowed it to make this city a major commercial and cultural axis.

The Great Library and the Lighthouse of Alexandria are undoubtedly the constructions that have made this ancient city legendary.

Safari dans les oasis en egypte
Customized private tours

Tours tailor-made to your taste, to let you know not only ancient Egypt and its wonders, but also today's Egypt, our life, our culture, a true and authentic sharing so that you can return home with only one desire, that of coming back.

Why visit Egypt?

Cradle of humanity, you will see incredible constructions there, some dating back to 5000 years, of an impressive size, imagine yourself at the foot of a pyramid, an unequaled refinement in their decorations, the beauty of the tombs of the pharaohs is not legendary without reason, with all the stages of life and death, the legends, the wars told on the walls, the pillars, the ceilings, an extraordinary precision and sometimes the colors still intact will allow you to perceive the skills workers who participated in these constructions.

But Egypt is also the astonishing contrasts of a huge megalopolis and small villages that seem to come out of our history books, built in the same way as the houses of their ancestors. The modernization and the antiquity which come together, the wealth and the precariousness, but always the kindness and the welcome that you will have here.

If Egypt made you dream by looking at brochures, learning its history, then come and live your dream!

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