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day trip to fayum oasis

the valley of the whales and waterfalls

Fayoum is a large and fabulous "oasis" which is located 95 kilometers south of Cairo,

west of the Nile.
Medinet El-Fayoum was the main place of worship of the crocodile god, Sobek.

Sobek is both solar god and creator (Sobek-Re), god of fertility and god protector of all dangers, he was venerated in all the cults of the region until the Greco-Roman era.

An adventure in the desert in 4x4, discover wadi Al Hitan "valley of the whales" an area of fossils considered as an open museum.


Departure in the morning in a private air-conditioned 4x4 towards the oasis of Fayoum.

Arrival in Fayoum, visit of:

Wadi Rayan:

les cascades d'eau á Fayoum

A natural depression protected since 1989, located in the desert west of the Fayoum oasis, 42 meters below sea level.

The area includes two lakes, connected by waterfalls, formed by an overflow of agricultural drainage water (shallalat), the only waterfalls in Egypt. You can swim there.

On the waterfall route, you will enjoy the superb landscape from the rock of Mudawarra, and the freshness of the waterfalls.

The lakes are surrounded by mountains and desert.

Lunch in a typical restaurant.

Wadi Hitan: 

squelette de baleine Fayoum

The Valley of the Whales, the most important site in the world showing one of the major changes in the history of life on earth.

It is a nature reserve located in the middle of the sands about 40 km southwest of Qarun Lake.

The Fayum Depression was occupied by an ocean whose waters receded more than 40 million years ago, leaving behind millions of fossils including entire skeletons of whales, turtles and sharks.

This unique site in the world was discovered recently, thanks to the desert wind which brought these treasures to light.

It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

Return to Cairo.

Starting point:

Hotels in downtown Cairo or Giza.

Departure time: 7:00 am in the morning.

Earlier or later departures are available.

Back to the starting point.

  • Based on 2 people: 210 dollars per person.

  • Prices are indicative and for a minimum of 2 people.


The price includes :

All transfers and trips in private air-conditioned vehicles.

The English speaking guide Individual Egyptologist.

The visits mentioned in the program and the entrance tickets.

Lunch in a typical restaurant.

The price does not include:

Drinks during meals.

Tips for drivers and guides.

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